Platform Technology

The foundation of TRT's Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cell (MSC) platform technology is the extensive intellectual property we have developed for the production of the TXP family of therapeutic products. The TXP product family is based on the extraction and isolation of MSCs from a completely non-controversial source of neo-natal human tissue - the umbilical cord. The extracted cells are known as Human Umbilical Cord PeriVascular Cells (HUCPVC). The core of the HUCPVC intellectual property is the extensive patent estate of four patent families represented by over eighty patents and patent applications worldwide. This platform technology represents the world's richest source of MSCs.
HUCPVC cells Key advantages of the TXP cell population are:
  • Produced in entirely serum-free conditions - unlike other MSC sources. This removes the risk of contamination by animal products.
  • Easily obtainable and a rich source of MSCs. Their frequency at harvest is 1:300 as opposed to the much lower yield of 1:100,000 from bone marrow.
  • TXP cells are more biologically (physiologically) potent e.g. higher expression of wound healing genes than MSCs sourced from adult tissues (marrow or fat).
  • Proven efficacy in wound healing of several tissues: bone, cartilage, skin etc.
  • TXP cells are immunosuppressive and non-alloreactive - characters that have been confirmed by leading international clinician scientists
TXP cellular products are currently being utilized by numerous world-leading clinical-scientific groups in pre-clinical research for a variety of indications. In addition TRT continues a longstanding collaboration with Defence Research and Development Canada, Bio-Threat Defence Section (see press release) for the use of TXP as a novel delivery platform for medical countermeasures. TXP has been licensed to Héma-Québec for a Phase I Clinical Trial for treatment of Pediatric Steroid-Refractory Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease (see press release). The TXP technology is also licensed, and being utilized, by multiple partners in Family Banking programs worldwide, which provides a significant source of funds for the ongoing development of TXP cellular therapeutics.