Business Development

Competitive Products

TRT's proprietary mesenchymal stromal/stem cell (MSC) platform is a strategically valuable asset with a broad range of applicability through the TXP product family: in regenerative medicine therapeutics, immune inflammatory diseases and biopharmaceutical therapies including biodefense. Additionally TXP cells are the richest source of MSCs ever described, from an inexhaustible, non-invasive tissue source.

Proprietary Technology

The TRT technology is based on the following characteristics:

Strong Market Potential

TRT contributes its TXP family of products to clinical and pre-clinical research for multiple indications, family banking in major markets, as well as biopharmaceutical applications such as biodefense. However, to utilize this rich MSC source to its fullest potential we constantly seek collaborative opportunities to further develop the TXP product family in biopharmaceutical, cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine sectors.